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Hush is a Brisbane-based agency focussed on creating absolutely stunning wedding media.

It’s all about real expertise.

We’ve been working knee-deep in the Australian film & television scene for decades. From our first hand experience, we deliver a product that’s emotionally engaging and visually stunning.

One less headache needed.

You’ve got bridesmaids, attendees, locations, cake and hundreds of other critical things to sort out before you even remember about having to worry about us. So don’t – our pricing and teams ensure there’s no mess on the big day.

Hollywood, blockbuster results.

Ever been forced to sit down and watch your best friend’s wedding video which is, at best, awful even with a bottle of wine? What we create is a product that’s amazing three seconds to three minutes in, and lasts for years to come.

What really sets us apart?

We really are just plain great at what we do. We’re not just a mum and dad operation who’s picked up a camcorder for a few hundred bucks and decided it was time to go “pro.” We’re actual professionals who have and continue to work in Australian film & television, and we’re passionate about offering people the kind of touch only experienced hands can provide.

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That’s what she said.

The DVD is amazing!

Did the camera survive the beach!? The DVD is amazing. Great job guys!

The DVD is amazing!SaraBride
No-one Better.

We couldn't have asked for a better film than what you have given us.

No-one Better.Nickoll UmstadBride